binary packages


There are no prebuild binaries available on and that isn't going to change. There are other sources for binary packages through.


As you might have noticed I'm working for SUSE and also maintain the SUSE RPMS for most of my self-written and some third-party software. There should be ready-to-go packages on your SUSE CDs ;)

Updated packages for SUSE are available from and mirrors, /pub/people/kraxel directory. You can use yast to install these packages: Go to "Software -> Change Source of Installation -> Add", enter your local mirror and the path to the .../people/kraxel/version-arch directory. You have a new installation source and a new software selection (both named "people/kraxel") for the yast package manager then.


I'm also debian developer and maintain debian packages for most of my self-written software and some third-party software my packages depend on. Usually you can find packages for the most recent versions in the unstable distribution.

other Linux Distributions

Chances are very good that there are packages available too, at least for popular software like xawtv. Just have a look at your Distribution CDs.

BSD family

At least FreeBSD and NetBSD have (parts of) my software in the ports collection, so it is a good idea to search there before attempting to compile manually.