About this site

You can find here all my linux stuff: various programs, drivers and some texts.  Below is a short description for every piece of software.

Video software

video4linux HQ ;)
All about v4l and v4l2, kernel stuff for the most part. The kernel drivers maintained my me (bttv, saa7134 and cx88) can be found there as well.
xawtv & friends
Application suite for video4linux, apps to watch tv, to record movies, command line tools to handle v4l devices, teletext browser, ...

Imaging software

fbi + ida
Image viewers for the framebuffer console (fbi) and X11 (ida). Ida also has some editing capabilities.
X11 application for decoding PhotoCD images. Pretty much obsolete these days through.
An library for decoding PhotoCD images.

Other software

Lightwight http server for (mostly) static content.
Sound recorder for KDE.
scsi changer
Device driver + userspace tools for scsi media changers.

Some texts

gdb mini intro
Short introduction into using gdb.
cross compiler
mini-howto for building a cross-compiler.
my notebook
Running linux on a MiNote M722.